Alejandra Avilés

b. Mexico, 1989.

Lives and works in Barcelona.


css ━ sass


Sublime Text Editor


php ━ Wordpress

Sqs Developer Platform

Basic Javascript





With education in Fine Arts (BFA), I have great experience working on creative fields. I started building portfolio pages in 2014 and keep extending my web services. I love pragmatic designs, that are simple in its use and clear in its communication. The challenges that I enjoy when I build web pages is to achieve the the goals of my clients and to think in user's experience. I am an honest and hardworking person. I enjoy learning and I continue to pose me professional challenges.



Spain and Mexico, since 2014.


Position: direction (freelance)

Functions: Web design and programming

Responsible of the integral process of building web pages. I create the web identity for each site, and the development of the system to make them work. Full administration of the sites, client management, deliveries, server maintenance, redesigns and updates.

Ethos Laboratorio de Políticas Públicas

Mexico City, Mexico, 2014 - 2015.


Position: graphic designer.

Functions: design of infographics.

Responsible of the creation of infographics in order to make public -web and social media- the academic research held by the Ethos Laboratory and international papers related. Graphic identity, drawn of illustrations and icons, typography, photography and information communication.

Johnson & Johnson

Mexico City, 2013.


Position: graphic designer.

Functions: design of infographics.

As part of the visit of the World Cup to Mexico, I was responsible to design 14 infographics to promote Johnson & Johnson on the official event. Following the specifications of the FIFA design manual, I drawn illustrations and icons, select images and photography in order to communicate information about J&J products.


BFA Bachelor in Fine Arts, specialized in Sculpture. Fine Arts Academy of the University of Sonora, Mexico, 2008 - 2012.

SOMA Educative Program (PES). SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico, 2014-2015.

Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art (SFSIA). Import Projects, Berlin, Germany, 2016.

Bar Tool #0, Bar Project Formation Program. Tapies Foundation, Barcelona, Spain, 2016-2017.