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Being able to share a task between more than one person, is an inceasingly social way of interacting online. Particullary when you want to share a desition making process, like choosing your house between persons that are not in the same city or that don't have the same schedules.

I've enjoy adding this feature, I visited users house in the middle of a moving and listen to their experience of searching house, I liked working close to users of idealista app, the main platform for searching houses in spain.

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⚡ UX Process


You will be developing a new feature for an existing app based on an area of functionality to explore. Your work will culminate in a high-fidelity prototype that reflects your best path forward based on research, iteration, and testing. For apps that have both Android and iOS implementations, you may choose either platform.

Individual Project / 4 days class


Idealista is the most use site in Spain for searching houses. At the moment only support individual searching. Is needed a group search so groups can share their search and be feeding the same favorite list.

For implement the changes I had to respect the current design and UI elements of the app. I started my process making observations of the current app of idealista, then I made Research planning and Project Planning. The main contact with users was trought user interviews (4) with persons that are currently searching a house, I also ask them to use the app and observe how they did it.

Research Planning

What do I want to find out?

● The current structure, navigation, and design of idealista
Method: My observations and notes

● How people currently use the website and the app?
Method: Usability test

● Why stakeholders would find it a valuable feature to add.
Method: persona, problem statement

● If people prefer to use mobile, desktop or both, when searching house
Method: User interviews

● In what scenario they would need to use the feature.
Method: Scenarios

● Are there are other apps that offer this feature and how they do it
Method: Benchmarking / Competitive analysis

Who from?

People that is familiar with idealista website (Spian).

Foreigners living in Barcelona, implying they have look for house at some point in the past.

People that have look for house at any point in their life.

Project Planning

⌛ How much time do I have?

4 Days (whole project)


Recorded Usability Test

Habitaclia another App for searching houses in spain, either have group share search.
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User Interviews

In what scenario users would need a group search feature?

I wanted to identify in what situations this feature would be needed, so I've made 4 user interviews. I went to the houses of this persons and speak with them in the middle of their process of moving appartment. I wanted to sense when they would need a group feature. I also was open to listen to their complaints and observe what other apps they were using to finding a house.

Hans preparing to move house

❝ In Barcelona rents are too expensive to live on your own, so you will find out it’s very common to be looking for house between more than one person ❞

User Interview insight

User Interviews summary

Valentina is in an stable relation with Carlos, so they decided to finally move together. During the interview I notice Valentina had a long scroll page to admin all her favorites. She told me she have marked more than 40 favorite houses but at the moment there's no way to organize her favorites into groups. She would love to have a syncronize list of favorites with Carlos.

Hans and Juan are living together as a couple. In the past, they found a good deal in a flat in the center of town, but now, the landlords have double up the rent. The owner give them a deadline before the new price is apply. They are now in an urgency, but they have different working schedules wich make it more complicated to organize the search.

Paco, Patricio and Marcos, are looking to rent a studio. The search was under the account of Paco. When they see each other, they share and comment their favorite options. Paco share options to the other guys using whatsapp. Paco found out he had to do most of the work. Having all the info in his account made him more responsible of the search than the others.

Diego is looking for an apartment because two of his best friends Alex and Fede are moving to Barcelona. To organize the search in distance Diego had to give his username and password to Alex and Fede, so the 3 of them can access and mark as favorite the flats and make a group decision.

For the User Interview I went to the house of Valentina in the middle of her moving.

Key Insights

❤ Favorites is the most used section of the app, here is where the desition making process happen

☯ They want something all agree and like

⚖ They want to share responsibility of the search

My research lead me to work as well with the section of FAVOURITES, so I add another feature: Create list feature, so users can organize their favourites list, into smaller list (and prevent having a 40 item long scroll unorganizable list).


Problem Statement

Couples and groups who are looking to rent a house need a way to share their search and synchronize their favorites because at the moment the apps for searching houses only support individual search.

Paper Prototype & Design itinerations

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Hi fidelity Screens


The prototype is "archived" in Invision App, if you want to have a look at it, please write me to to facilitate you the prototype.